Verus novice


May 2007: Choosing the bottle and cap

In view of the similarity of the range of wines, the soil and climatic conditions, as well as the character of the wines, we chose a burgundy bottle. To protect against the loss of the excellent aromatic substances and to ensure the best aging of the wine, we decided to use a screw cap.

April 2007: Choosing the name

Choosing the name is always difficult. You cannot afford to make a mistake. We searched, thought and discussed it for a long time, finally deciding on the name Verus with Beni. In Latin, VERUS means real, true, honest. Angela Muir recognized the essence of our brand right away and sent us a message, “Three friends have joined forces using their expertise and work to really make this wine a true expression of one of the best winegrowing regions in the world”. And added, “Dedicated to family tradition and friendship”.

March 2007: A new beginning

At the beginning of 2007, after months of contemplation, we decided to leave our jobs and start our own wine cellar. We joined our family vineyards, savings, some cellaring equipment as well as the expertise and experience we got from our parents, during our studies and through our work. We want to produce wine that best expresses the characteristics of the region, the variety and the vintage. When deciding to make a new start, the support and help of our families and friends, especially Angela Muir and Ivančič Beni, meant the world to us.